medieval illustration of Walther von der Vogelweide from the Codex Manesse manuscript, showing him contemplating his poetry; with the hand-drawn addition of a thought bubble containing binary code

Digital. Medieval.

The Coding Codices podcast launched in January 2021. Early episodes will include conversations with Giulio Menna & Marjolein de Vos (about the Sexy Codicology project and the DMMapp), Lisa Fagin Davis (about the scribes of the Voynich Manuscript), Lucy Hinnie (about digitizing the Bannatyne Manuscript), Elisa Cugliana (about creating a digital scholarly edition of Marco Polo’s travel report), Johanna Green (about manuscripts and social media) and Dorothy Kim (about global medieval DH). And there is, of course, much more to come, since this is only the beginning. Episodes will be posted on the first Friday of a month, except for the very first regular episode which was posted on 8 January 2021. You can also listen to our special introductory episode.

If you want to stay updated, follow us on Twitter @digitalmedieval or subscribe on Spotify. If you want to learn more about the podcast, visit the About page. More information and content will be added to this website such as a list of the digital resources mentioned in the episodes, so stay tuned!