Coding Codices is a podcast from the Digital Medievalist Postgraduate Committee, launched in December 2020 and co-produced by current and former members of the DM Postgrad Committee. We’re a group of young (early stage, young-ish, non-professorial, however you want to put it) scholars who are currently working on our PhDs / towards a post-grad life. Although we have slightly different disciplinary backgrounds, we all share a common interest in medieval studies, and more specifically medieval studies in the context of Digital Humanities. Since this is a very dynamic field, it can be difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on in terms of literature, in terms of projects, etc. Hence this podcast.

We want to shine some light on the work that is being done in digital medieval studies. By doing so, we hope to create, on the one hand, a kind of documentation that’s a snapshot in time, something that captures a certain state of the art which is quickly evolving. On the other hand, we want to contribute to the on-going conversation and perhaps even broaden it in different directions. Although it can be educational to listen to senior researchers talk about their work, we want to amplify other voices as well. We want to hear from students, archivists, developers, and others who are contributing to this exciting field – and we hope that you will enjoy listening to them and learning something from them as well.


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Graphics by Tessa Gengnagel. Credits for featured images as well as images posted with the episodes can be found in the respective blog posts.

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