medieval illustration of a man and woman from the Codex Manesse manuscript, showing the woman on a tower and the man in a hoist, with the woman pulling him up


By Episode

Here are all the major resources – tools, projects, digitized manuscripts, &c. – that we mention in the podcast.

Episode 1: Sexy Codicology, DMMapp

Episode 2: Voynich Manuscript, DigiPal, IIIF

Episode 3: Bannatyne Manuscript Project

Episode 4: EVT (Edition Visualization Technology)

Episode 6: Fragmentarium

In General

Viewing Manuscripts
BiblioPhilly: Digitized manuscripts of Philadelphia
Biblissima: Database of medieval manuscripts and early print
Digital Scriptorium: Digitized manuscripts at many American institutions
e-codices: Virtual manuscript library of Switzerland
Handschriftenportal: Database of medieval and early modern manuscripts in German collections (successor to Manuscripta Mediaevalia)

Analyzing Manuscripts
FAMA: Database of the number of surviving witnesses of the most widely read medieval Latin texts
Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts: Catalogue descriptions of manuscripts
Transkribus: Platform with tools aiding in manuscript transcription (payment model)
vHMML: Online resources from the virtual Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
VisColl: Collation modeling system